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It’s part Silicon Valley meets Apple Computers’ origin story.Dressed like a college kid, De Graw watches from the background as his brilliant girlfriend succeeds in her quest.Watch Gavin De Graw‘s “She Sets the City on Fire” video below! Related: Watch Gavin De Graw Perform Songs from His Upcoming Album The anthemic love song tells the story of a woman who sweeps De Graw off his feet, and for the visual treatment he sings his lady’s praises for being as intelligent as she is beautiful.After four albums of mostly self-contained songwriting, Gavin De Graw has discovered the joys of collaborating on his upcoming set, "Sweeter." But he admits it wasn't easy getting started."I was feeling stifled and that I needed some other influence to keep me motivated and kind of crack the whip a little bit -- to expand, really," De Graw tells

Years later, he got to open for Billy Joel and he was shuttled onto the field and he thought “this was how I was supposed to see Fenway Park. ” When they talked about his new single “She Sets The City On Fire” Gavin talked about how the song is about dating up. ” Gregg asked who the song was about and he revealed “it’s always about a specific girl” — the specific identity was not disclosed.

Fast forward to the present, and they are still together.

His keyboard has gotten an upgrade to a baby grand piano, though.

"Prior to this album I was always so incredibly apprehensive about being in the room with another writer, and this time I was able to get in a room with a guy or two who I already really respected, and it really motivated me.

It brought a new texture to the stuff that I do and brought things that I couldn't have done on my own.

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