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If for federal purpose you are treated as a corporation and file a Federal Form 1120 then you will be treated as a corporation with Missouri and would file a Form MO-1120. For tax years beginning on or after September 1, 1993, the tax rate is 6.25 percent.For tax years before September 1, 1993, the tax rate is five percent, except for tax years 19 when the rate was graduated.For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 1993, the same form is used to file an amended return that was used to file the original return.For tax years prior to 1993, the Form MO-1120X is used.The consent of a corporation referred to in paragraph (a)(1) of this section shall be made by such corporation joining in the making of the consolidated return for such year.A corporation shall be deemed to have joined in the making of such return for such year if it files a Form 1122 in the manner specified in paragraph (h)(2) of this section.See A corporation must file Schedule O with its income tax return, amended return, or claim for refund for each tax year that the corporation is a component member of a controlled group, even if (1) no apportionment plan is in effect, or (2) the amounts apportioned have not changed from the previous tax year. If any of the component members of a controlled group are also members of a consolidated group, then the common parent of that consolidated group must file, as part of its consolidated income tax return, one Schedule O on behalf of the members of that consolidated group.No subsidiary of that consolidated group should file Schedule O on its own behalf.

See If all of the members of a parent-subsidiary controlled group that are required to file a U. tax return join in filing the same consolidated tax return, then the parent of that group does not have to file Schedule O on behalf of the group. A brother-sister group generally is two or more corporations where the same five or fewer persons who are individuals, estates, or trusts directly or indirectly own stock possessing: For purposes of determining whether a corporation is a member of a brother-sister controlled group of corporations within the meaning of section 1563(a)(2), stock owned by a person who is an individual, estate, or trust includes: Combined group.Schedule M-3, Part I, asks certain questions about the corporation's financial statements and reconciles financial statement net income (loss) for the corporation (or consolidated financial statement group, if applicable), as reported on Part I, line 4a, to net income (loss) of the corporation for U. taxable income purposes, as reported on Part I, line 11. In addition, for purposes of determining whether the corporation (or U. consolidated tax group) has total assets at the end of the current tax year of million or more, the corporation's total consolidated assets must be determined on an overall accrual method of accounting unless both of the following apply: (a) the tax returns of all includible corporations in the U. consolidated tax group are prepared using an overall cash method of accounting, and (b) no includible corporation in the U. consolidated tax group prepares or is included in financial statements prepared on an accrual basis. For any part of Schedule M-3 (Form 1120) that is completed, all applicable questions must be answered on Part I, all columns must be completed on Parts II and III, and all numerical data required by Schedule M-3 must be provided.Schedule M-3, Parts II and III, reconcile financial statement net income (loss) for the U. corporation (or consolidated tax group, if applicable), as reported on Schedule M-3, Part I, line 11, to taxable income on Form 1120, page 1, line 28. Any statement required to support a line item on Schedule M-3 must be attached at the time Schedule M-3 is filed and must provide the information required for that line item.If a member of the group fails to file Form 1122, the Commissioner may under the facts and circumstances determine that such member has joined in the making of a consolidated return by such group.The following circumstances, among others, will be taken into account in making this determination: If the Commissioner determines that the member has joined in the making of the consolidated return, such member shall be treated as if it had filed a Form 1122 for such year for purposes of paragraph (h)(2) of this section.

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For Missouri income tax purposes, the S Corporation income tax return is filed for informational purposes only.

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