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If I am in a committed relationship, I don't cheat. I was married 12 years and never cheated on my wife.We DO NOT SEND any emails from the above addresses unless you write to us first.Please report any unsolicted emails sent to you proportedly from any of the above addresses to CUSTOMER SERVICE above.Furthermore he shows you how relating to women successfully ultimately depends on how you go about first meeting them.does not give you one simple “Numbers Game” strategy.On the whole it stays away from teaching you any skills that would be useful with all women, except where he talks about some general rules for relationships.

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Nowhere else will you find a book that can benefit ALL men, no matter what their personality is like, and no matter how old, ugly, shy, or poor they are.

I feel like I understand women for the first time in my life and they apparently can sense it.

Your book helped me learn how to relate to my boss, my co-workers and all my friends at a new level. If the Pope ever takes a poll I’m voting for you for sainthood!

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