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Honken said he didn’t take drugs until his early 20s when a man he worked with in Tucson, Ariz., introduced him to marijuana.He said he moved on to cocaine and methamphetamine. @The Angela Akins UIJkd A6 — Sergio Garcia (@The Sergio Garcia) January 7, 2017 Akins is a former Golf Channel reporter and interviewer and has a pretty strong resume as a golfer, too.So excited to watch my 1st college game live with @theangelaakins!The only time Honken’s voice rose during the interview was when he talked about the jailhouse informant who helped authorities find the bodies of the five people Honken was convicted of killing.Honken, originally from Britt in north-central Iowa, called the informant, Robert Mc Neese, “a weasel.” “He doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” Honken said. You’d lose that fight.” Honken said he’s “not worried about” the death penalty – “It doesn’t even faze me.” “I’m not acting like I’m some kind of brave dude,” he said, adding he knows it will be years before he’s actually executed.

Moments before being sentenced Honken maintained his innocence, accusing the judge in his case of having a death agenda.There's nothing worse than being a faded child star, which one man keeps discovering time and time again.Because of his inconsiderate actions, he's even been forced to do community service at his local church.Now that the church is putting on their yearly Passion Play, he'll have a shot to show what he's made of.World number three Rory Mc Ilroy bore the brunt of the abuse over the last two days, ultimately having to ask for one man to be removed after he hurled abuse at him on the seventh hole of Saturday's afternoon fourballs, but most of the European team had suffered at some point from shouts from the gallery.

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