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This also marks the first time that a Spider-Man film will include another superhero character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Second, Spider-Man Homecoming is still a Sony film but Marvel Studios has MUCH of the creative control when they struck a deal. It's funny, action packed, great writing, true to the character/source material, and leads into some serious Avenger easter eggs! I still love 2002's Spider-Man, but this is leading right into the future of the MCU.

See more » Now we have Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)!!! What this means for fans is, we finally get to see a Spider-Man that we want!

They got some good footage of our in-door mini-ramp, some shots…

The Latest Addition to our Skateboard Collection We recently picked up this bad-boy – a vintage 1970’s skateboard – for our Sant Jordi Hostel Sagrada Familia hostel in Barcelona.

Joining Bruland in commentary will be “Race Smart” coaches and course experts Carlin Dunne and Don Canet.

Android and Apple device users can also download the PPIHC App for free, featuring live leaderboard with section timers, racer profiles, and more.

Not a clue that that girl was in that house or that anyone else was in there with.

They also reported there were signs that dirt had recently been moved in the backyard of the house, though police continue to investigate whether or not the dirt will lead to any new evidence in the case.

'Neighborhood residents have been taken by an overwhelming need for caution.

It’s not in the best condition but we’re pretty stoked about it anyway.

A legit 1970’s lime green, plastic-deck skateboard always looks good hanging on the…

Viewers can tune in to live.matchsports.com/to watch the broadcast LIVE on Sunday, June 25th, starting at am (race delays may occur.) There will be a simple email sign-in process required to access the free to net broadcast, which will continue until the race program has been completed and cameras follow the Parade of Champions down America’s Mountain.

Ramona Bruland TV Host and Producer/Writer of lifestyle travel and adventure programming, Ramona knows how to find 'the BEST things in life' in a memorable way with infectious curiosity.

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Their effortless support in helping us navigate through the challenges of the mountain has been a testament to their commitment to making this live stream a success.” Never before has a production company achieved a successful High Definition Live Action broadcast of the PPIHC, from the Start Line up to the 14,115-foot summit.

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