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So whatever we started going out and " things happen" after that he told me that he really doesn't want to lose me but that his real age was 14.

Now that was a big of a shock but he already grew on me.

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Kiss generally eagerly waiting to meet older women of men or a younger.Okey so I'm 17 right and a couple months back I met this guy and he looked nice like we had a good time.I had ask him his age and he has told me he was 16 and I was kinda weird out because well I'm a girl and I'm older that kind of looked bad but after some convincing from my friends I gave a chance.But obviously there are seventeen year-old boys who think they're porn stars and all so... i want to answer your question with another question.Why is a 17 year old wanting to date a 14 year old?

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The legal age of consent is still 16 but the law was changed 8 years ago allowing teens older than 12 to consent to sex with their peers - that means a partner within 5years of their own age.

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