Roaming profiles not updating

This article contains Microsoft and Citrix options for the design of user profiles in a Xen App environment.

An effective design of user profiles can make a significant difference in the performance and manageability of a Xen App environment.

Many of the issues commonly seen in large or complex Xen App environments (including slow logon, loss of user settings, profile corruption, and excessive administrative effort) are often the result of sub-optimal user profile designs.

A solid design and implementation of user profiles can maintain the integrity of user settings, eliminate issues requiring administrator intervention, and ensure high-performance user logon.

However over the years roaming profiles have got a bit of a bad wrap as sometime things can and do go wrong.

In these case the IT administrator is usually left with no other option than to reset the users profile to solve a issue with their account.

Depending on the operating system version, Windows uses separate profile folders for a user to support Windows version-specific features.

This document focuses only on Terminal Services profiles and how they relate to Xen App.Everything worked great with this setup until some of the client computers did the anniversary update for Windows 10.When a user logs into one of these updated computers, it creates a brand new username.Microsoft provides several types of profiles that can be used in Windows Terminal Services/Xen App environment: Local Profiles are stored on each Xen App server and are initially created based on the default user profile.Therefore, a user accessing applications creates an independent profile on each server.

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However, the profiles are incompatible with Windows 8.0 and Windows Server 2012.

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