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-- Anquan Boldin's answer that compared the differences between Joe Flacco and Kurt Warner was a master class in how to say something while saying nothing. p.m. -- A few minutes ago, I complained about how NFLN wasn't showing any interviews.

-- I may be wrong on this, but I can't remember hearing any televised interviewee mention the name of the other team. Dre-ian principles of "keep my name out yo' mouth and we can keep it the same." p.m. Earlier, Ed Reed called Deion "Grady" from Sanford and Son. p.m.

Marley, 22, played at Tulane University and was named first-team all-conference as a senior and junior yet gained no attention from NFL scouts. His name was never called at the NFL draft in Philadelphia last month.The NFL draft isn’t the best night of every college football star's life.Just ask freakishly athletic UCLA linebacker Myles Jack, who slid out of the first round last night because of a knee issue he has been battling since September.event and read our live blog of the San Francisco 49ers session from earlier Tuesday. " It has to be "Ray Lewis." Meanwhile, a horde of hundreds of journalists awaits while Deion gets his one-on-one. p.m. -- Jay Glazer is on NFL Network talking about how Super Bowl media day has changed. Do you notice you can never call him just "Ray" or "Lewis? -- Melissa Stark and Rich Eisen have all the chemistry of Matt Lauer and whoever it was he got fired from Today. p.m.

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