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You and your husband should both read “Healing from Infidelity: The Divorce [email protected] Guide to Rebuilding Your Marriage After an Affair,” by therapist Michele Weiner-Davis (2017, Michele Weiner-Davis Training Corp).

Your young marriage can survive this, but you need to forge a different path forward.

The best place for you two to start this journey is in the office of a compassionate marriage counselor, who can help to guide this important conversation (and others that will follow).

To be sure, I looked up the word, and it is deemed a “term of abuse,” “derogatory,” and is considered to be homophobic. She entered into a relationship with her new-ish stepdad’s nephew, whom she met at our mother’s wedding.About a year after the wedding they decided to pursue a relationship.She initially asked me my thoughts and I let her know I thought she could do better, as this guy lived several states away at the time, smokes, drinks heavily, and didn’t have a job, among other reasons.He eventually moved to be with her, got a job and tried to quit smoking (points).

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I believe that my aunt would be horrified to know this, but I also don’t want to police the words of the people around me. — Concerned Niece Dear Concerned: Thank you for supplying the word in question, which I have redacted from your letter, for the reasons you state.

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