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With ruffles, side slits, plunging v-necks, and cropped tops, you are perfectly in sync with all your favorite fashion icons.

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The origins of the Miss America pageant lie in a 1920 event entitled The Fall Frolic.

Held on September 25 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the event was designed to bring business to the Boardwalk: "three hundred and fifty gaily decorated rolling wicker chairs were pushed along the parade route. However, the main attractions were the young 'maidens' who sat in the rolling chairs, headed by a Miss Ernestine Cremona, who was dressed in a flowing white robe and represented 'Peace.'" Thus, "newspapers as far west as Pittsburgh and as far south as Washington, D. The winners would participate in the Atlantic City contest.

Made from 100% linen, it feels light and keeps you cool in the heat.We strive to design functional, comfortable and durable sportswear and outerwear for Men and Women using traditional fabrics like wool, cotton and down.In recent years, in an effort to provide superior comfort and protection in all conditions, we've incorporated more technical performance fibers, like nylon and polyester.If the local newspaper would pay for the winner's wardrobe, the Atlantic City Businessmen's League would pay for the contestant's travel to compete in the Inter-City Beauty Contest." The pageant continued consistently over the next eight decades except for the years 1928–1932, when it was temporarily shut down due to financial problems associated with the Great Depression and suggestions that it promoted "loose morals." Miss New York 1945, Bess Myerson, the only Jewish American winner to date, became Miss America 1945 and faced antisemitism during her time as Miss America, leading to a cutback in her official duties.Although there were Native American, Latina, and Asian-American contestants, there were no African-American contestants for fifty years (African-Americans appeared in musical numbers as far back as 1923, however, when they were cast as slaves).

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