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The only disappointing thing was the age category I was in didn't appear to fit.

One if the men was 56 and another 46 in a 30-45 category.

Following a Tribune investigation that found pharmacists frequently dispensed dangerous drug combinations after rushing through or skipping required safety reviews, she crafted legislation designed to ensure that safety was a top priority in Illinois pharmacies.

She wanted half-hour meal breaks and two extra 15-minute breaks on full shifts.

I didn't know my work commitments at that stage so I couldn't settle on another date, so I replied advising this and asked if I was entitled to a refund.

After a lengthy wait I got the same short reply "choose another event".

If you need to discuss anything specific with the promoter, please phone the event contact number: 01 or contact Skiddle and we will put you in touch with the promoter. I was quite nervous about going but it was such a laugh and I met loads of great people. It was my first time on a speed dating experience so didn't know what to expect.If you've got any feedback for us, we'd love to hear from you.You might also be interested to read reviews about us on Trust Pilot.Very professional, a great bar and a really fun crowd. Now that we've done it once we're thinking about doing it again." Sarah Jus tried #speeddating /w @original_dating. #FF @original_dating Via Twitter "I had no idea what to expect and was a bit nervous.I've been speed dating before but yours was the best I've attended." Jon, Balham "Me and my mate booked as a dare! But once I was two dates in it was easy, and really good fun. The girls were lovely and the other guys really friendly. I met two guys I liked tonight so let's see how it goes." Elise, Wandsworth "The event was really good. Much more relaxed than we thought it would be and loads more people than we were expecting. Some of the guys were well cute." Francesca, Earlsfield "As someone who organises events myself I thought I should drop you a quick email to tell you how impressed I was with last night's speed dating event.

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We thought it would be full of saddos, but it was amazing. and Jason, Tooting "I wasn't really looking for anything but my friend has been single for ages so I said I'd come with her for moral support. I've nearly lost my voice from talking so much, but I'd definitely do it again." Paul, Croydon "Lol. I went on my own but about 15 of us went out together after. A few of us are going to meet up at the comedy event." Charlie "That was hilarious. No nutters either and some of the guys were hot." Sinead, New Cross "My friend and me went on the boat party and totally loved it. It was really well organised, the host made everyone feel really relaxed, the venue was lovely and the mix of people was much better than I expected.

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